Yes, I can! Can you?

'Yo Puedo' is a free app that can help you quit smoking once and for all.

After many little struggles, now you can release yourself from smoke, thanks to a positive attitude and the help of Yo Puedo and its team!

What´s Yo Puedo?

Tobacco makes you become physically and psychologically dependent to nicotine and, therefore, to cigarettes.
But it is not only you who suffers the effect of those harmful substances, but also the people around you.

Yo Puedo can prove you that quitting is not hard.

Our app is a continuous help during this path. It supports you on every step and involve your friends in the process through social networks, so they can also help you reach your goal.

We hope you discover how better your life can be without cigarettes.


Find out why YoPuedo is so special.

Statistics in real time

Check your evolution: the time you haven't smoked, the money you have saved, your physical enhancement…

A funny process

As you progress, you will reach different goals related to time, to money or even special goals. These goals keep you motivated and let you see your progress.

Psychological advice

We all know that motivation is essential in the process. We provide you information about how tobacco acts on your body and your brain, and we teach you how to fight it.

Personal profile

This is the first app that lets you choose what type of tobacco you smoke: cut tobacco, industrial or even cigars. Personalize your consumption habits for a better monitoring.

Share in social networks

Your friends' support will be a key factor to succeed when quitting smoking. Every little step that you share with them will make your path easier.

Intuitive design

YoPuedo has been fully designed for Android and iOS, making it easy and efficient for users.

Have you already tried Yo Puedo PRO?

Go PRO and enjoy all additional features for good.

Let´s smoke some figures!

What they'll say about you...

I am so glad that you definitely quitted! — Your mother

You're unrecognizable, and in a better mood! — Your sister

Congratulations, mate! — Your best friend

You don't smell like an ashtray anymore! Tonight... — Your partner

Your efficiency and concentration have improved significantly. — Your boss

Now you can do anything, go ahead! — Your trainer

...what you'll say about you